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Choice Quality
fish fine foods

Tradition, innovation
and a boundless passion for the sea

Saordelmar Srl was founded in 2008 as a specialist producer of choice quality fish recipes for delicatessens, large-scale distribution and the HO.RE.CA. market. The project took off with the creation in 2016 of a new plant of about 2000 m2 at San Giorgio in Bosco (Padua, Italy), to process and transform cooked and packaged fished products. Its range comprises a large assortment of exclusive recipes inspired by traditional Italian taste. Using technologies at the industry state of the art and meticulous production process control, the company guarantees that all products meet the highest safety and quality standards. Its research, innovation and development have established Saordelmar as a benchmark on the market, with the maintenance of its values and the satisfaction of its customers its top priorities. Every recipe is prepared exclusively in our own facilities, with the best cooking and packaging techniques, to bring genuine goodness to your tables.

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Safety and
Production Process

The fresh or frozen raw material is inspected on arrival for compliance with temperature regulations and sensory standards and conserved in cold stores. Transformation starts in the raw fish processing department, where the fish is carefully washed, cleaned, cut and filleted by our staff. The next phase takes place in the kitchens, the real heart of our production process, where every recipe is produced by hand by highly skilled chefs. Every finished product is modified atmosphere- or vacuum-packed at a temperature which ensures its conservation, ready for daily delivery to the large-scale distribution and HO.RE.CA. markets. Some of our products hold certification under MSC/ASC, the standard that guarantees high food safety by imposing safeguards on raw material from catching to market; MSC products meet chain of custody standards for traceability.
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