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goes green!

I Leggerissimi:
tastiness becomes eco-friendly

We are pleased to announce an absolute innovation regarding our packaging and products. In recent months we’ve been working on a thrilling project for our company.
Until recently, when we spoke about innovation, we only did it to create new products, simply looking for the perfect taste and shelf life.
Then we realized that we wanted to go a step further, going for solutions  in line with the present we are linving. So we started talking about sensibility, sustainability, ethic. We aimed at finding a way to tie these values to our products; tastiness must also be innovative and possibly green. Modern consumer is not buying anymore with his/her belly, but with the head.

So, a new product line is born:
I Leggerissimi

Ready-made meals, breaded fish fillets cooked in the oven, sushi… Everything packed inside an elegant recyclable paper tray.
And that’s not all: it’s possible to warm the product up directly inside the oven or the microwave. Practicality and sustainability  go therefore hand in hand.  With the guarantee of a fresh and safe product which endures from 5 to 15 days without added preservatives.

Saordelmar is synonym of tradition, craftmanship and quality, with an eye to the past and another  projected in the future.

Stay tuned!

I Leggerissimi


I Leggerissimi