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Mixed Fried Seafood

SERVES 1 - 2

220g P.V.

Discover the fragrance of our new mixed fried seafood!

Fried mixture of squid, tiger prawns tail and deep frozen cuttlefish (ingredients can be customised depending on the sales channel or geographical area).

Product 80% prefried.

Regenerates quickly in both deep fryer and air fryer.

Guaranteed minimum shelf life: 12 months

Minimal product weight loss during regeneration, with noticeable saving on oil.

No variations in yield or organoleptic qualities.

INCLUSO NELLA CONFEZIONE: 1 kit con salsa di soia, wasabi e bacchette.

PERFECT SERVE: Da servire croccante come bocconcino per l’aperitivo o come secondo piatto, il merluzzo panato è ideale anche per i più piccoli.

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